Barry's Best Cookies
"Serious Adult Chocolate Chip Cookies for the Child in Us"

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History of the Chocolate Chip Cookie

Read the fascinating story of how Ruth Graves Wakefield invented the Chocolate Chip Cookie at her Toll House Inn in the 1930's

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Enhance Your Life!

Alton Brown Alton Brown
Alton Brown
"I'm Just Here For The Food"
Alton Brown

Alton Brown and Barry Graves
Alton Brown and Barry
Alton was in Orlando for a book signing.
January 2005

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The REAL Value of Our Cookies

Our 20-pound case makes between 160 and 320 cookies, depending on the size. If we make 240 1.3 oz cookies, this size can be compared to other gourmet cookies selling for $2.00 apiece at fancy stores in your neighborhood. That means that your $73.67 (plus only a few minutes of your time) is a $480.00 value.

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Barry's Best Cookies Barry's Best is a growing company that produces the finest tasting home baked chocolate chip cookies using the finest natural ingredients such as: butter, sugar, eggs, and a "soul spoon" full of flavor. These irresistible, mouth watering cookies are created from an original recipe that will keep your hands in the cookie jar. We produce a variety of cookies such as: Coconut Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip with Macadamia Nuts, Oatmeal Raisin and a Triple Chocolate Brownie. What makes Barry's Best different from the rest is the soul satisfying taste that is baked into each chocolate chip cookie. The last bite of every Barry's Best cookie will always have you reaching for the next cookie, and the next, and the next.
"Be Happy, Have a Cookie."

My name is Barry W. Graves and in process of taking my cookie company Barry's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies,
which I am exec dir., to the next level.
I have own cookie recipe.
I am in an agreement with a co-packer to manufacture my cookies (frozen dough).
I am presently in contract to sell my cookies to the military and soon to casinos in state of Mississippi.

Barry's Best Cookies

Wholesale to colleges and universities,
fast food outlets,
independent and chain restaurants,
K-12 schools,
healthcare facilities,
military and employee feeding operations,
mass merchandisers.

Barry's Best Cookies

By having frozen cookie dough baked fresh on site the smell of fresh baked cookies attracts and increases traffic,
business and hungry customers.
Can draw a crowd.
A top ten comfort food - cookies.

Barry's Best Cookies

Question - what came first, the cookie or the glass of milk???

Important Facts About Barry's Cookies
How many cookies can I make with a 20-pound case?
1 case of 1.3oz. size cookies is approx. 240 cookies.
1 case of 1.0oz. size cookies is approx. 320 cookies.
1 case of 2.0oz. size cookies is approx. 160 cookies.
How do I bake Barry's Best Cookies?
Bake frozen cookies on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake in a 350 degree oven (175 degrees Celsius) for about 12 -15 mins. depending on oven.
How many varieties are there of Barry's Best Cookies?
Coconut chocolate chip with/without macadamia nuts
Chocolate chip
Oatmeal raisin
Sugar cookies
Any more questions about Barry's Best Cookies?
Call us at (321) 231-6126 or
email us at

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Barry's Best Cookies

How to order Barry's Best Cookies
Currently, our cookies are only available in 20-pound cases of frozen dough.
Order Quantity (cases) Pricing Comment
From 1 to 24 cases US$ 73.67 per case Call, email or link to our store
Shipped UPS or FedEx
Each 20 lb. case is 13.5 in. long, 10 in. wide and 8 in. high
From 25 to 83 cases US$ 69.98 per case Call, email or link to our store
Shipped UPS or FedEx
Each 20 lb. case is 13.5 in. long, 10 in. wide and 8 in. high
84 cases (1 pallet) US$ 44.56 per case; US$ 3,743 per pallet 1680 lbs; 50" long, 44" wide, 57" high;
Shipped FOB Frederick, Maryland 21702
Truckload (20 pallets) US$ 41.56 per case; US$ 74,868 per truckload
Shipped FOB Frederick, Maryland 21702
To order cases, full pallets or truckloads:
Call us at (321) 231-6126 or
email us at
UPS PayPal FedEx
To receive quote on shipping Barry's Best Cookie Dough,
click on "Burris Logistics" logo
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