Signing on the dotted line
PHILADELPHIA At a recent signing ceremony held here, representatives from J.W. Holding Group & Associates and the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia signed a contract awarding JWHGA the first initial Small Business Administration's 8(a) Business Development Program contract for prime vendor food support. JWHGA, a small disadvantaged business from Porter, Ind., will be the sole source for food distribution to Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio. The contract will have a base year estimated at $500,000 and have an estimated total dollar value of $2.5 million over five years.

Area of Excellence

Supply Chain Opportunity Analysis (SCOA): an analysis of a business and how it’s supply chain can be improved.

Areas of Specialization

EDI: wide expertise; specific also to IBM Data Interchange (DI) and GENTRAN NT

Process Mapping

Supply Chain (Manufacturing Parts/Logistics)

EDI VAN (Value Added Networks)


EDI/XML Standards/Conventions

Technical Assessments/Work Flow Assessments

Project Management/Project Implementation

Web site design and development

Pertinent Experience


EDI: Initiated EDI at one of the World’s largest corporations. Initially conceived as a method to reduce headcount; EDI grew to represent huge cost-savings.


EDI Standards/Project Implementation: Coordinated all phases of “buy-side” EDI implementation roll out of new EDI transaction sets, including Advance Ship Notice, to key suppliers of the largest home appliance manufacturer. Expertise in IBM’s Data Interchange (DI) to include mapping, JCL, partner connections and trouble-shooting.


E-Commerce: Introduced a new electronic commerce internet application for the largest home appliance manufacturer to better to communicate with small suppliers not EDI-capable. Solution was developed using GENTRAN NT.


EDI Standards/Project Implementation: Implemented a SAP/EDI solution using Netscape’s ecXpert with key suppliers and customers for a major automotive parts manufacturer.


EDI Standards: Developed and led introduction of nation-wide EDI standard (ANSI ASC X12 280 Voter Registration Information) for the Government’s “Motor Voter” project.


EDI Standards: Developed EDI plan for a logistics “Load Control Center” for the largest home appliance manufacturer. Developed unique mapping solutions to integrate with Data Interchange (DI), the EDI mapping/translation software in use.


EDI Translators: Performed evaluations for clients on EDI/XML tools. Extensive knowledge of all products in the marketplace: Harbinger, Sterling, Mercator, etc. Wide experience from numerous application integration projects.


Web site design and development: Created several Web sites, including a private site used to market food products to the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons.


E-Commerce: Developed and marketed new systems offering delivery AND payment of invoices electronically to interactive cable TV subscribers and on-line computer users. In charge of all phases of an emerging business: to include market analysis, business plan preparation, financial planning, supervision of technical staff, and all operational issues.


Project Management: Project Manager of implementation of "EDGAR", the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) electronic reporting system, at one of the World’s largest corporations.


Supply Chain Management: Conducted technical and business assessments necessary for implementation of an Internet-integrated service environment by the largest automotive manufacturer.


E-Commerce: Operated EDI implementation, consulting and service business. With between four and eight employees, served numerous clients in manufacturing, finance, advertising, and import/export. Worked with all aspects of EDI: mainframe and PC translators; mapping; standards (member ANSI ASC X12); trading partner implementation; service bureau; Value Added Networks (VAN); and EDI training.


Project Management: Member of team charged with integration of a merged communications, broadcasting and electronics business into one of the World’s largest corporations.


Project Management: Project Manager of Company-wide implementation of an executive-level decision support system at one of the World’s largest corporations.


Project Management: Project Manager of Company-wide electronic billing system brought on line in 1984. This was the first EDI initiative at one of the World’s largest corporations.


Supply Chain Management/Process Mapping/E-Commerce: Planned Business-to-Business (B-to-B) network to enable electronic commerce manager for a food and food services company whose major customer is the U.S. Government.


Project Management Prepared SEC reports and financial section of Annual Report for of one of the World’s largest corporations.


Project Management: Initiated the use of standard component codes used to identify the over 600 financial reporting components of one of the World’s largest corporations.


Consultant/EDI Standards: Developed financial EDI specifications for major accounting software company.


E-Commerce: Implemented B-to-B electronic commerce solution with distributors for start-up Internet appliance manufacturer.


Project Management: Implemented an electronic mail system on a Company-wide basis within the finance function of one of the World’s largest corporations.


Consultant: Developed business plans and proposals for start-up producer of video products, Internet and CD-ROM technology.

Ken Kinlock


International and logistics director

May 2001-Present

Rapid Response Recovery Group, Jeffersonville, IN.

EDI Project Manager

October 2006-April 2007

Charming Shoppes, Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

April 2004-March 2007

Ross Horwood and Associates, Champlain, New York and Rosemere, Quebec

E-Business manager

May 2001-Present

JW Holding Group & Associates, Jeffersonville, IN.

Electronic Commerce Consultant

August 1999-May 2001

BrightStar Information Technology Group, Dallas, TX.

·         January 2001-May 2001 (in-house) developed “supply chain opportunity analysis” methodology.

·         July 2000-January 2001 (Client GM Service Parts Operation)

·         March 2000-June 2000 (in-house) B-2-B solutions

·         January 2000-March 2000 (Client Netpliance and in-house)

·         August 1999-December 1999 (Client Visteon)

Senior Electronic Commerce Analyst

August, 1995-August, 1999

Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor/St. Joseph, MI


March, 1995-Aug., 1995

EMAx Interactive Group, Floral Park, NY


1993-March, 1995





Various project management positions within the finance function





University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut

Masters of Business Administration


St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York

B.A. Major, Business Administration


Strategic Opportunity Analysis (SOA) training, i2 Technologies

Areas of Technical Specialization


Interactive on-line billing and payment services


VANs (Value Added Networks)


1964-1966 U.S. Infantry Lieutenant. Awarded Bronze Star for service in Viet Nam.


References: Available on request

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Business Process Specialist
The Business Process Specialist devises and designs business process requirements for the solution of business problems or for segments of more complex problems, and formulates procedures for their solutions. The Business Process Specialist plays a major role in the development and implementation of major automated or computerized systems.

The Business Process Specialist is challenged with designing appropriate business processes and identifying the impact of these processes on the global organization. These implemented processes along with the supporting infrastructure will provide a solid foundation for high quality and efficient application systems.

1. Manages complex projects that require the coordination of many different areas of corporate disciplines and specialization.
2. Leads the development of project cost and benefit estimates to establish project worth including the development of alternative considerations leading to recommendations for new processes and systems or change to existing ones.
3. Designs, develops or modifies business processes that can be effectively translated into an efficient and highly productive automated solution.
4. Uses appreciable originality and creativity on system assignments.
5. Develops and/or evaluates previously refined data and select from a range of alternatives to determine the appropriate action to be taken.
6. Performs routine duties independently.
7. Helps estimate resource needs for information systems requirements.
8. Leads in the development of work plans, task sequencing, and the extent to which tasks may be performed concurrently.
9. Develops time schedules, conversion, and test procedures for all aspects of systems, from manual handling through computer processing.
10. Recommends plans for user and resource management approvals.
11. Modifies systems and business process designs to take maximum advantage of existing equipment resources.
12. Identifies and recommends business training requirements.

Supply Chain Architect

Develop strong expertise in existing supply chain applications and the variations across regions and within regions.
Actively identify opportunities to reduce the total cost of ownership, to reduce implementation lead times, and to accelerate proliferation of global standards in the Supply Chain space.
Coordinate the various sub-initiatives for applications development of the supply chain planning and execution systems environment.
Develop strategies to transition multiple legacy applications to fewer, more integrated, commercial off-the-shelf applications with significantly fewer integration points.
Provide Supply Chain Management process and systems best practice expertise.
Guide the supply chain business and systems teams in developing applications and architecture strategies.
Develop the future to-be Supply Chain Applications Architecture and tailored migration paths for each region.


Project experience implementing ERP, Advanced Planning, Supply Chain Execution, and Logistics applications and related EAI experience in large companies with multiple divisions/ regions.
Project experience in B2C/B2B e-commerce application integration with back-end supply chain applications.
Strong business understanding of major supply chain processes (planning, order to cash, procurement, supply operations, logistics, and distribution.)
Strong technical knowledge and implementation experience related to EDI, XML, EAI, Legacy systems, J2EE based custom application development, Middleware based integration, supply chain portals, and enterprise data warehousing.
Knowledge of SCM software platforms, e-Business processes/platforms and B2B marketplaces.
Strong teamwork and interpersonal skills.
Excellent oral and written communications skills.

Establish a course of action to accomplish completion of the job and/or project; Participates in selection of employees; Trains, develops, and evaluates employees; Analyze, interpret, evaluate, plan and make recommendations relative to programs and policies under jurisdiction of the activity; Secures relevant information and identifies key issues and relationships to resolve difficult problems; Acts as final authority on matters of policy interpretation; Manage and plan assignments along with priority goals and requirements in the preparation of complex projects; Maintains effectiveness in changing environments and with different technologies, people responsibilities and/or markets; Create and maintain an environment that enables all participants to contribute to their full potential; Makes presentation to all levels of management; Assists in the development of departmental goals and objectives; Establishes a course of action to accomplish completion of the job and/or project; Coordinates input from internal/external customers to better understand customer needs and/or perceptions; Keeps abreast of current product developments and trends in areas of expertise.

Enterprise Architect

Alignment of technology solutions with business strategies, as well as for the integration of the various technology solutions across the organization. Emphasis is on ensuring the optimal level of integration and functionality across all technology solutions in order to provide industry-leading business capabilities to Company business units, customers and partners at the lowest possible cost.
Maintain a detailed understanding of the business strategies of the organization and constituent operating companies.
Establish and maintain the strategic architecture and technology blueprint at a system / subsystem level based on a continuing dialog with business and technology groups within the organization. Ensure that the architecture and technology blueprint supports the needs of Company business units, customers and partners and that the underlying IT principles are adhered to (Global, Common, Simple).
Establish and maintain relationships with business and technology groups within the organization to remain appraised of project status and direction, architectural and technology issues, risks, functional and integration issues, etc.
Develop and maintain active relationships with research partners, systems and technology vendors, industry and trade groups to ensure that Company personnel are aware of current and future trends and capabilities.
Provide strategic research, architectural and consulting support to business and information technology groups within the organization. Advise on options, risks, costs versus benefits, architecture and technology issues, integration issues, and impact on other business processes, technology solutions and capabilities, and system priorities.
Ongoing evaluation of existing technology solutions and capabilities and alignment to business objectives to identify areas of opportunity (architectural and technology issues, gaps and overlapping functionality, integration issues, etc.).
Ongoing evaluation of existing technology solutions and capabilities within the industry to identify areas of opportunity within our business units (functionality, technology, integration, customer and partner empowerment, etc.).
Actively seek ways to apply technology to business objectives, researching and providing information on technical trends and competitor's practices relevant to the assigned business and information technology groups within the organization.
Ensure that the strategic systems and technology architecture is communicated to relevant business and information technology groups within the organization in a way that facilitates the creation of a team environment and encourages staff to view the architecture and technology group as a valuable resource and partner, while ensuring that architecture and technology guidelines are adhered to.

Rapid Response Recovery Group
If you use an EDI VAN for your business, this message is for you. Move past the ancient VAN technology. JWH EDI Services Electronic Commerce Messaging System will bring your EDI operation into the 21st Century. The power of our global EDI network is available on your server, your cloud platform or your application. AND you cannot beat our prices.
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