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Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Management Control Towers

Control towers are used in many industries for different purposes: airports and railroads use them for traffic control; power plants have control rooms to monitor operations; and third party logistics providers use them to track transportation activities. These are places where operations run well. Why not a


in order to monitor and assure your supply? Talk to us, we build them!

So just what is an SCM Control Tower? What are the functions of a Supply Chain Control Tower? Who staffs your Supply Chain Management Control Tower?

If you use an EDI VAN for your business, this message is for you. Move past the ancient VAN technology. JWH EDI Services Electronic Commerce Messaging System will bring your EDI operation into the 21st Century. The power of our global EDI network is available on your server, your cloud platform or your application. AND you cannot beat our prices.
You can connect and communicate with all your customers and trading partners through the JWH EDI Services Electronic Commerce Messaging System - Connect with trading partners around the world on a single Network-as-a-Service platform, get real-time transaction visibility and eliminate those manual network processes. It is a pay as you need model. We track all interchanges from the moment they enter the system, along every step across the network, and through the delivery confirmation.

How can we help you? Contact us: Ken Kinlock at kenkinlock@gmail.com

Aurora EDI Alliance

When Liaison Technologies acquired Softshare last year, several of the software resellers and partners banded together to form Aurora EDI Alliance. By working together, the Alliance is much stronger than the individual parts. It is a win for Liaison Technologies too: Aurora EDI Alliance is now a strong arm of their sales and marketing efforts.

President, Faith Lamprey of Aurora Technologies/EDI Support, Inc. Describes the new Aurora EDI Alliance:  “Forming the Aurora EDI Alliance has been such a wonderful opportunity to grow by pooling our resources.  It also allows us to have a local presence all across the US.  You cannot go wrong when you are working with the best of the best and the companies we have partnered with are the finest that the EDI industry has to offer.  Forming the Aurora EDI Alliance has invigorated not only our marketing staff, but technical staff as well, as they now have more resources to pull from to use on projects.”

Computer Associates, Inc. (CAI) out of Smithville, Rhode Island brings 30 years of experience in the technology industry.  Employing a staff of 50, CAI has built their reputation on a foundation of integrity, quality and excellence.  They have done this by doing what they know and doing it well – delivering quality Microsoft Windows-based, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software products and services across a wide range of industries including seafood processing-distribution and jewelry manufacturing-distribution.

Based in the Indianapolis area, McAna EDI, Inc. has been providing EDI solutions for small businesses right on up to Fortune 500 companies since 1995.  They have uniquely positioned themselves to be able to offer a wide variety of solutions and services in order to meet their clients’ evolving needs.  McAna provides customized services on or off-site throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.  A Liaison Technologies partner, they boast 24/7 customer support, giving them big marks in this increasingly connected world.  McAna EDI’s success lies in responding to their clients’ needs with both promptness and the expertise their clients have come to expect.

JRX Services has actually been around since 1976, but operated under the name Success Systems, Inc. prior to 2000.  Under the JRX moniker, this Atlanta based company uses the muscle of the Liaison Technologies product portfolio to provide outstanding EDI consulting and services to small and mid-sized business nationwide.  They do this so well that Liaison Technologies honored JRX Services with Liaison’s Partner of the Year award.  JRX is dedicated to combining cutting edge technology with the highest level of customer support to assist their clients in achieving their EDI goals at the lowest possible cost.  With 30 years of experience, JRX Services has built a reputation synonymous with professionalism and expertise.

Aurora Technologies, founded in 1996, and EDI Support, Inc., founded in 1988, merged 5 years ago to become Aurora Technologies/EDI support, Inc.  With its headquarters in Rhode Island, Aurora initially specialized in implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers. Since that time, they continue to be recognized experts in EDI and have dramatically expanded their capabilities to include a broad spectrum of consulting, system analysis, design, development, and training services.  Aurora’s strength, and associated growth, is based on focusing on the technologies, methodologies, and applications they know best, thereby providing their customers with high quality, cost effective solutions to their business requirements.  Their team of consultants has extensive expertise in a broad variety of technologies and industries.  Aurora’s expansive list of satisfied customers and employees are testaments to these concepts.

Sitcur, based in Los Angeles, California, offers the tagline, “e-business solutions with integrity,” and they do not disappoint.  For more than 32 years, Sitcur has been offering implementation, integration, outsourcing and support for B2B EDI, Bar Coding and RFID solutions.  A vast knowledge of several platforms has allowed Sitcur to build strong relationships with numerous technology partners and clients alike.  Their complete portfolio of solutions and quality of service has resulted in a thriving business with countless satisfied customers through the years.

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A discussion list (on YAHOO!) for EDI and related business to business data interchange.

Gentran Integration Suite (GIS) Users Group
EDI Talk
David and Goliath

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Link to many EC/EDI writings by Our EDI Toolbox editor
New Uses for EDI: That is what EDI is all about.
Introduction to Electronic Commerce on the French Riviera. Can you spell Sophia-Antipolos?
Electronic Commerce is BIG in the TINY Principality of Monaco.
A Store Chain where ELECTRONIC COMMERCE is King.
Is EDI Owned by IT or the Business?

Lot to talk about so: Even more on who should OWN EDI
EDI Roll Out
A Decade of Change in EDI.
EDI Project Management in a Recession. Well, things are a little different now. For those of you who became EDI project managers in the last few years, pay attention. Projects are not something “nice to have”, they are “we must have”. The budget is tight. Act like the assigned budget is your own money.
3PL / 4PL / 5PL / 6PL Definitions
Planning a Logistics System
Your EDI Skills
Data Aggregation, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, and How These Things are Being Delivered in the EDI World.
Cloud and EDI – The Ideal IT Mélange
Looking Under the Covers
Should My Client Start A New EDI VAN?
EDI Directories
What is an EDI VAN?
Mergers 2010
It is interesting to watch the number of mergers/acquisitions of EDI, Cloud and Supply Chain companies in 2010. EDI is NOT dead, it is now the darling of bigger, broader companies.
Cloud Opportunity. Why Didn't I Think of It?
Cloud computing is a style of computing in which dynamically scalable and often virtual resources are provided as a service over the Internet.
The CIO and EDI
We have been commenting several times about “who owns EDI”, but irrespective of the outcome, the CIO has a role in the software/hardware end of EDI.
Blackberry and EDI
All about mobile access to supply chain data
EDI Organizations
Several times we have discussed “where” EDI falls in a company. Usually a simple choice of EDI under the CIO or EDI under the business. Well! There are a lot of other ideas also.
EDI Recruiters
I have always been interested in the EDI job market because as a project manager I depend on finding the best staff I can.
An unusual WebSite on WHOISEDI
I recently saw a new EDI service that fascinates me: www.whoisEDI.com
I looked way beyond their initial offering, which I will summarize as “Registration of EDI Identifiers (ISA_06)”
CLOUD and SaaS for Supply Chain
If we are a manufacturing company and looking at the CLOUD, aren't we concerned with the whole “Supply Chain”, not just the EDI element? I took what I have used previously called “Integrated Supplier Management” with a view of basing it on the Cloud.
What would happen if a mid-size company replaced its ERP system from one brand to another? What are the effects on the EDI system?
Outsourcing EDI
Thinking about moving your EDI solution to an outsourced/managed supplier? Check this first.
EDI,IT and the Business
Yes, I have talked about this subject before. Yes, I will talk about it again. WHY! Because a successful EDI program can only happen when EDI, IT and their stakeholders all are in harmony.
Does SCM need IT?
I have been involved with “Cloud-based” thinking over the past several months, plus I have seen the level of IT expertise among the (younger) workers in Supply Chain organizations. This has led me to a really radical thought: does the Supply Chain Business need the IT Department?
2012 SCM Model
I am developing what I expect the “model year 2012” SCM system should encompass.
10 Unusual XML Applications
We always hear that XML has all kinds of flexibility. Thought I would explore and see what unusual things have been done with it.
860 Purchase Order Change
I am calling this an “Op-Ed” View because my usual stomping grounds is the land of Material Releases, JIT Schedules, etc. where you have a different (easier?) change process. I am also going to try and paint a Global picture of how the purchase order change process occurs outside of North America.
Cloud-based Project Management Software
In 2011 we talked a lot about Cloud-based systems using SaaS. In 2012 we will be expanding our discussions, addressing issues/concerns and getting into more specifics. As an EDI Project Manager, I am rising to the issue of Cloud-based Project Management Software.
Thoughts on Survey on EDI costs
Remember statistics with it's "Bell Curve"? I looked through our recent Survey on EDI Costs to find the 10% - 20% of the responses that fall at either end of the curve: and are, let's call "unusual". Yes, we found some interesting comments; especially on surveys and on EDI between big customers and small suppliers.
The End of ERP
In 2011 we talked a lot about Cloud-based systems using SaaS. Over the past several years there have been numerous articles written on “Is EDI Dead?”. But EDI just “keeps on trucking”. EDI embraced XML, AS2 and the Cloud; to name just a few recent advances. Plus, EDI became the “engine” for E-Commerce.
EDI System Tune Up
Just like your car, your EDI system requires periodic “tune up”. You need to step back and see if your system is giving you the “best mileage for your dollar”. Remember, things change over time and something that worked well last year might not now because of external changes in your business process or internal changes in the interfacing systems.
Taking On Your Customer's Demands
SURPRISE!!! You've been a supplier for “Big Company” for several years and you get a letter from them: you have to do begin trading with them using EDI or risk losing them as a customer. There are really only two ways you can react: (1) This is a great opportunity to really strengthen my supply chain, take out costs and become more efficient; or (2) Oh! Poor Me!
Differentiate Your Supply Chain Management Using Logistics In reviewing the business elements of a company that interfaces with EDI, I am certain the most difficult to understand is the “Supply Chain”. The most common mistake is thinking that “Supply Chain Management” (SCM) is just another name for “Logistics”.
Looking Into The Cloud / Grappling with Cloud Concepts The Cloud is with us and it is real! We have all heard something about it; accepted it; rejected it; or are still thinking about it. In some respects it is the old “outsourcing” debate all over again. Outsourcing is “good” because it focuses the company on its core competencies. Outsourcing is “bad” because the company loses control over vital operations. Accepting and utilizing the Cloud is just another of the revolutionary changes (PC, smart phone, etc.) that we have encountered over the last few years. In one sentence: Cloud computing eliminates: (1) staffing; (2) maintenance; (3) obsolescence of hardware, software; and (4) capital investment.
See a whole lot more Supply Chain, Electronic Commerce articles

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The importance of electronic commerce to your supply chain

Supply Chain Synchronization

Defining Supply Chain Management: a historical perspective and practical guidelines


AS2: Specifications for reliable business communications standards

B2B WebSites

The Web is what forms the foundation of e-commerce, and facilitates the new level of cooperation that exists between business partners

EDI Glossary

EDI in the eyes of the US Government

Financial EDI

Financial EDI (FEDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of payment and payment-related information between companies using a standard format.

Mapping and EDI Standards

The conversion from one format to another format is considered "mapping".
EDI incorporates standard layouts for all business documents.

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG)

Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) is a unique not-for-profit organization where, for more than 25 years, OEM's, suppliers, service suppliers, government and academia have worked collaboratively to drive cost and complexity from the supply chain via global standards development and harmonized business practices." Their membership is not just the "big three" but includes Caterpillar, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, VW.

See a copy of their newsletter that has our article about the last decade of EDI.

Is EDI Hot—or Not?

Here’s one expert’s opinion on what has changed in the world of EDI over the last decade.

Retail EDI
RetailEDI.com was formed by a collective group of people within the Retail industry to address common interests. All have been involved within the industry for between 10-20 years doing everything from helping companies get integrated, selling software, designing process and strategic approaches to help suppliers, retailers, 3PLs and many others.

One of the things they are trying to accomplish with the site is providing a place where people can come and learn about how processes within the industry can be interconnected and efficiency brought to bear through measured, well thught out plans. The consumer walking into a retail location never realizes how many companies, processes and how much technology were brought to bear to insure there is a shirt hanging on a rack that fits - that the price ticket reflects the correct price - or the person at the counter is able to check to see when their next shipment of a particular size/style of shoe is coming in. The site could have called Retailprocesses or something - but RetailEDI was chosen because so many of the systems in retail are or can be managed within the common understanding of the term "EDI"

The other goal with the site is to promote solutions. The goal is where a semi-social network takes over and people in need can be put in touch with people who can solve. Simple enough premise - putting people in touch with each other.

Riviera EDI


Not only can you search hotels by city, but you can search by your favorite chain of hotels.

Going to Orlando or Philadelphia or wherever, we can find all the best hotels at the best rates!!!

Electronic Data Interchange: (EDI)

Customer tells you that he only orders over EDI??? What do you do now??? We have been there and can help. Click here or on the calculator to find out what EDI and electronic commerce are all about.

Ecommerce as defined by the United States Government

Electronic Commerce [EC] is the paperless exchange of business information, using Electronic Data Interchange [EDI], electronic mail, electronic bulletin boards, electronic funds transfer and other similar technologies.

Electronic Data Interchange [EDI], a major part of Electronic Commerce [EC], is the computer-to-computer exchange of business data in a standardized format.

What is XML?

XML is an acronym which stands for Extensible Markup Language. XML is a markup language for documents containing structured information. Both content (words, pictures, etc.) and some indication of what role the content plays are contained in structured information. Almost all documents have some structure. A markup language is a mechanism to identify structures in a document. XML defines a standard way to ad markup to documents.
XML was created for richly structured documents and stored data to be used over the web within a structure common to all viewing parties. The only viable alternatives, HTML and SGML, are not practical for this purpose. The use of XML is expected to grow rapidly over the next five years, just as the popularity and use of HTML has grown over the last five years.
HTML stands for "Hypertext Markup Language". HTML is the language which allows developers to present electronic media (i.e. web pages, email) in color, bold, and different size text. It allows the OTC Journal to look like a magazine, but definitely has limitations. XML opens a whole new door to the Internet and its capabilities which HTML is incapable of filling.
XML is a standardized simplified language, which allows richly structured documents and legacy data of all kinds to easily understand each other. Two examples of the use of XML are the NASDAQ quote feed and the SEC's EDGAR System.
Dozens of commercial stock quote providers pull their data from the NASDAQ quote feed. The information comes to them in XML. The same is true of EDGAR- all the EDGAR pages are written in XML. This universal language makes it easy for public companies to file their documents in the SEC Electronic Filing System, and thus provide all viewers the ability to review the documentation in a common format.
The development of XML was completed in 1998 by the non-profit World Wide Web Consortium (http://www.w3c.org/). Software developers are introducing commercial products, and sales of XML based technologies are beginning to ramp up now.

See more about XML forms

See a slide show What is XML all about?

By Ken Kinlock at kenkinlock@gmail.com

Evolution of Ecommerce

Many analysts consider e-commerce a logical development with roots tracing to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). In existence since the 1970s, EDI provided a means for enterprises to incorporate electronic communications into supply chain management.
Although EDI improved just-in-time manufacturing and reduced supply chain costs, it also was very expensive and difficult to implement. This was primarily because EDI systems run over private Value Added Networks, the cost of which was borne by participants. Additionally, organizations participating in this buy/sell network had to install proprietary software to ensure compatibility of documents being sent over the network-adding further cost and complication.
Internet-based electronic commerce differs from EDI in two basic ways, both of which address the problems inherent in EDI:
1. Based on Internet technologies, electronic commerce uses a public communications medium-open to anyone with Internet access.
2. Because it is based on Internet technologies, electronic commerce is accessible through common Web browsers-and this is all a user needs for compatibility with virtually all electronic commerce sites. This dramatically drives down costs: An Internet server and public network access are much less expensive than virtual private networks, and everyone can use whichever computer platform they choose without having to be concerned with compatibility issues.
B2B and B2C Internet-based electronic commerce has evolved into two major segments: business to consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). B2B and B2C users have different buying needs. In B2B e-commerce, time is essential. Real-time inventory status, accurate pricing, and current delivery information are among the factors that allow business buyers to respond instantly to customer demand, increasing their efficiency and profitability.
Consumers look for an experience that more closely approximates shopping-the ability to browse at their leisure (through a catalog), put selected items into their cart, then charge their purchase to a credit card.
B2B and B2C consider change differently. In business, where success is often based on leveraging new technologies or processes, there is an imperative to embrace change that drives the investigation and implementation of new technologies.
Lowest Car Rental Deals

Other EC Presentations, Thoughts, Ideas

Sample Company's Conventions: 830 Material Release
Sample Company's Conventions: 850 Purchase Order
Sample Company's Conventions: 856 Shipping Notice/Manifest
Sample Company's Conventions: 861 JIT Receiving Advice
Sample Company's Conventions: 997 Functional Acknowledgement
EC at Whirlpool Corporation
EC Gateway at Visteon
Integrated Supplier Management Process
All About E-Commerce
Value Added Networks (VAN)
Defense Department Vans
GS1 US family of brands, including GS1 US BarCodes and eCom®, 1SYNC® and EPCglobalUS™
X12 Technical Tutorial
So Who or What is DISA?
So who runs EDIFACT?
New England Electronic Commerce Users Group
We gather information from emails from many EDI Hubs and post them here. These news items are typically not found on any websites, so check this site regularly for the latest in EDI news.
WOW! Even more EDI/EC Resources

Still looking for more EDI/EC Resources?



History of EDI

TDCC was formed originally by transportation, hence the name Transportation Data Coordinating Committee. Formed in 1968, "it was incorporated with investor, user, freight forwarder, highway carrier, railroad, and water carrier directors to coordinate: (1) standardization of transportation data descriptions and codes; (2) reconstruction of tariff formats; and; (3) systems design to facilitate exchange of appropriate data among shippers, carriers, and others concerned." The man behind the scenes who put it all together, Ed Guilbert, the father of EDI. He had lots of good lieutenants from a wide variety of companies helping him. One of them was Jack Hunter from General Electric who got me involved early on with EDI Standards. A lot of why EDI succeded, was because of a "push" from major corporations, and strong executives, such as Larry Bossidy

Added to the TDCC at a later date were UCS (retail/grocery industry applications), WINS (warehouse applications) and other applications.

ASC X12 was accredited as an SDO (Standards Development Organization) by ANSI in 1979. Representatives from the transportation, government and computer manufacturer industries created the first formats, which were based on the TDCC structure.

TDCC used the Version/Release/Industry ID code (data element 480). It was based in part on the industry and a 2 digit identification of the publication date and release within that publication date.

The industry codes were as follows:
A - Air Applications
C - Ocean Applications
D - Automotive Industry Applications
F - Freight Claims
G - General Applications
M - Motor Applications
P - Drug Industry Applications
R - Rail Industry Applications
T - Tariff Industry Applications
U - Retail Industry Applications (UCS)
W - Warehouse Applications (WINS)
In 1989 TDCC begin the process of transitioning the published TDCC transaction sets into ASC X12. ASC X12 formed the Industry Transitional Subcommittee. Since the ASC X12 formats were based on the original TDCC structures, and over the years the two organizations used great care to coordinate the two standards, many of the lower level elements of the TDCC structures were already part of ASC X12. What needed to be transitioned in were the transaction set tables, and some missing elements and segments.

By Ken Kinlock at kenkinlock@gmail.com
Structured Product Labeling The Structured Product Labeling (SPL) is a document markup standard approved by Health Level Seven (HL7) and adopted by FDA as a mechanism for exchanging medication information.
EDI Testing Fees
Despite the steady decline in the price of connecting to your partners, there are still hidden costs and frustrations.

ebxml forum

affiliate_link Wake Up Wal*Mart

Basic Transportation EDI

Ryder Transportation Resources

Indiana Harbor Belt

Chicago's terminal railroad, the Indiana Harbor Belt upgraded its ineffective information management systems to an electronic data exchange.

Connecting roads used to call Indiana Harbor Belt "Chicago's black hole." They don't anymore. Here's more about Indiana Harbor Belt's electronic commerce system.


1EDISOURCE: Your source for everything EDI
1EDISource provides unparalleled EDI solutions for businesses of all sizes. Get help with EDI implementation, management, integration and more with our software
Schedule a demo from 1EDISource
1. If you really want to reduce EDI fees, you need to start with the big partners. Eliminate the VAN at least with the top 5 or so (trafficwise) .

2. For the other EDI capable partners:send AS2 as well. Even if they don't have AS2 yet their VANs will serve as gateways, but you'll saved on your end of eliminating the VAN.

3. For all TPs that are not EDI capable:. Purchase a corporate license for royalty free distribution of AS2 clients with an inexpensive translation engines that include your maps, then give away to all your partners.

Check out free as2 (1 partner).

EDI Implementation and Roll Out

Here's some information on roll-outs that you might find to be useful.
JWH EDI Services has significant experience with outsourced implementation of your trading partners. Our proven methods have worked for Fortune 500 companies. They could work for you too!

We have qualified and experienced consultants on all mainstream EDI packages, including: Inovis/Harbinger Trusted Link Enterprise (TLE) and Trusted Link for Windows (TLW), GXS Application Integrator, Tie Commerce, Sterling Commerce Gentran Server, Gentran Integration Suite (GIS), Seeburger, Axway, and Mercator.

The schedule provides:

three weeks for transaction mapping/coding by your trading partner
two weeks for test transmissions
four weeks for parallel testing, evaluation, and adjustments

The final production date is dependent on:

initial trading partner contact
the specific transaction sets
the number of transaction sets
experience level of trading partners with individual transaction sets

While most EDI implementation firms concentrate on selling you their software, supplying you with expensive EDI resources on a semi-permanent basis, or hosting your EDI solution; we concentrate on your major implementation of trading partners. Because this is usually a temporary effort, we go away when the project is completed.
EDI Trading Partner Implementation follows these general steps:
Buyer and Seller contact is established at the business level.
Agreement is reached as far as business rules and legal issues.
Process is handed over to the respective EDI organizations.
EDI information is exchanged; typically using a WebSite as information source and a WebForm to provide necessary information.
Partners follow a scripted testing process.
Partnership is established when the transaction(s) are moved to their respective daily production systems.

By Ken Kinlock at kenkinlock@gmail.com

Helpful Hints from Penney

QUESTION: I have some trading partners that reset their GS and ST control numbers. For some it is for every interchange, and for others it seems to be everyday. From time to time this causes problems. At first it was just a few TPs doing this, but now I have noticed more and more doing it. Does the X12 standard recommended anything one way or the other?

PENNEY COMMENTS: This question comes up from time to time. Yes, X12 has a recommendation for group control numbers in X12.6, section 3.9.1:

"In order to provide sufficient discrimination for the acknowledgment process to operate reliably and to ensure that audit trails are unambiguous, the combination of Functional ID Code (GS01), Application Sender's ID (GS02), Application Receiver's ID (GS03), and Functional Group Control Numbers (GS06, GE02) shall by themselves be unique within a reasonably extended time frame whose boundaries shall be defined by trading partner agreement."

In regard to transaction set control numbers, the only requirement is that they be unique within any given functional group.

If your trading partners are resetting their group control numbers frequently, then they're not following the recommendation and are probably giving you problems with your acknowledgment process.

I remember doing EDI with FORD where every control number for every envelope, every document, every day was "1".

EDI/EC Conferences

Only a partial list! Let us know and we will add yours.
AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group)
Electrical Industry Data Exchange Association
New England Electronic Commerce Users' Group (NEECOM)
DISA - X12 (Data Industry Standards Association)
VICS - Retail
WEDI - Healthcare
ATIS - Telephony

EDIX - Electronics Industry Data Exchange
EDIX - Electronics Industry Data Exchange

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What does an EDI/EC Project Manager do?

A dynamic manager who serves as a part of the Application Development & Support team (or one of the business teams) and aids in the establishment of a new E-commerce Strategy as well as manage staff to support the current EDI/EC environment.


*Lead the effort to design, develop, and implement company's future eCommerce direction with trading partners.

*Management and coordination of e-Commerce team responsible for the development and support of EDI, XML, Web interfaces between company and our trading partners.

*Work with business leaders to increase the number of trading partners and types of information exchanged electronically.

*Work with third party vendors to implement future e-Commerce Strategy.

*Coordinate activities to ensure that functional specifications and requirements are transformed into clear and concise technical specifications.

*Responsible for coordination of code migration, coding standards and version control activities.

*Responsible for obtaining individual task estimates and resource requirements.

*Ensure sound unit testing, debugging procedures, and quality assurance activities are performed by development team.

*Evaluate team member performance, structure training needs or performance improvement approaches.

*Follows solid project management ideas

Business, Technical and Educational Requirements

*Extensive experience with Electronic Data Exchange through EDI, XML, Web, and flat files.

*Experience with Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tools such as Web Methods, Tibco, SeeBeyond, and Oracle.

*Extensive experience with many types of EDI translation software.

*Experience withValue Added Networks, EDI platform infrastructure and Communications.

*Experience integrating to ERP systems.

*Solid communication and interpersonal skills.

*Ability to lead by example. Take charge on issues and process improvement and realize the business benefit from the changes.

*Combination of both business and technical experience.

*Ability to work in a fast-pace environment.

*MBA helpful

By Ken Kinlock at kenkinlock@gmail.com

See Our Special Section on Social Media

See Our Logistics Section

See Our Electronic Commerce Glossary

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