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There is always a chance of storms in the Mediterranean Sea. Then pollution, melting ice caps, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, volcanoes, blizzards, floods, tsunamis. We focus on "green" waste management and even garbage trucks.

Find out more about Weather around the World including Saint Martin Vesubie, France. Find out about the fascinating village of Saint-Jeannet. Ominous Weather is about more than weather. Its about our environment. Its about our social issues that need to be surfaced if we want to save our environment. We have addressed several railroad-related projects that will conserve fuel and lessen pollution. Our Window on Europe spotlights projects that can help the rest of the World. See the best WebCam of Nice, France from Le Meridian Hotel

Ominous Weather in the Mediterranean Sea

Garbage Trucks and where to find them
Train Stations of Connecticut
Grand Central Terminal's Mysterious Track 61
Land Rover / Range Rover collectors and hobbyists!
The New York Central Railroad in 1950
Random years in railroad history
Metro-North Commuter Railroad
Old trucks and more trucks
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Nice, France public transportation, the tramway and Line 2
EDI Services Electronic Commerce Messaging System
Milk Trains
20th Century Limited
What if the Penn Central Merger Did Not Happen
Ominous Ecology, Organic Foods and Organic Products
Mass transit systems in North America
Golf hotels and railroad biographies
Graeme McDowell wins US Open Owls in France Chamois in France
Our Favorite Stories
Car Culture: demise of the U.S. trolley system A real story for this era is how General Motors, and others reshaped American ground transportation to serve their corporate wants instead of social needs.

At year-end 1943, New York Central stock closed at 18 ¾, which meant D&H had an investment of $5,711,250. What would have happened if the Delaware & Hudson had remained an independent entity and continued to hold this stock until today?

Who owns Grand Central Terminal? A big "paper railroad" that still exists after everything around it went away is the New York & Harlem Railroad. It was chartered 1831, built a line from New York City to Chatham, then leased to the New York Central in 1873 for 401 years. Funny thing, it still exists and owns a lot of New York City real estate including Grand Central Terminal!

New York Guard casualities in World War I The Second Provisional Regiment guarded the Erie Canal, bridges, Niagara power houses and munition plants all upstate. These were the State active duty part of a NY Guard reserve force statewide of 15,000 during WWI replacing the National Guard when it was activated.

Trip down the Hudson River Albany to New York City by rail in the 1980's.

On June 24, 2000 a news story (Montreal Gazette) stated that Montreal and Lake Placid officials will meet to consider a joint bid for the 2014 Winter Olympics. This could be great news for more rails! Having been involved with rail transportation for the 1980 Winter Olympics, this could be a tremendous thing providing Montreal-Lake Placid rail service
Skiing Skiing
Some Other Resources For You
In the late 1940's Chicago was the nation's railroad capital, today Chicago is freight, commuters and a greatly-reduced number of intercity passengers.
Metro-North Commuter Railroad. Operates commuter rail systems formerly operated by the New York Central Railroad, New Haven Railroad, and Erie-Lackawanna lines not operated by NJ Transit.
Long Island Railroad - Route of the Dashing Commuter. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Long Island Rail Road is the busiest commuter railroad in North America. It is also an old railroad, rich in heritage.
The Last Interurban: Story of the Chicago, South Shore & South Bend Railroad. This "interurban" runs from South Bend, Indiana to Chicago.
Railroad Mergers in the Northeast of the U.S. Railroad mergers have taken place right from the beginning of railroading. The two peak periods for mergers have been the 1920's and the 1960's. Because of the Transportation Act of 1920, the ICC engaged Professor William Ripley of Harvard to develop a tentative plan for railroad consolidation.
This most interesting period in the history of the New York Central was well-chronicled in its in-house magazine. Excerpts from 1919-1931. A 1921 article in "Transportation World" by Charles Frederick Carter provides the basis for an historical sketch of the New York Central. George H. Daniels was the road's General Passenger Agent for many years and ranks as one of the greats of American advertising. His article on "Health and Pleasure" popularized the Thousand Islands.
New York City Transit Planning. Plans for better transit in the metropolitan area. An analysis of a early 1960's Ford Foundation study of commuting into Grand Central and what might be done to improve it. Some unique ideas and far ahead of its time. Developed early on in the history of aviation, JFK International, LaGuardia and Newark airports were intended to only be accessed by automobile. Plus a great article on Robert Moses.
Peoria and Eastern Railway (P&E) Company. Peoria and Eastern Railway (P&E) Company went from Indianapolis to Peoria. It could have been used as part of a Chicago Bypass. It was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the New York Central System. It was not until August, 1996, when a portion of the line was sold to Norfolk Southern Corporation, that the line was no longer a part of the NY Central "Big Four" System.
The Troy & Schenectady Railroad, What if it Still Existed?. Let's assume that the Troy & Schenectady Railroad was not abandoned. What would it be like today? What would the vimpact on our environment be?
Union Pacific -- the railroad established by Congress and Abraham Lincoln to span the continent. has had some very tough growing pains recently. A 1996 merger with Southern Pacific to form the nation's largest railroad caused what regulators call an unprecedented breakdown in rail traffic through the heart of America that has lasted more than 10 months.
The Richfield Springs branch of the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railway extended through Bridgewater, where it connected with the Unadilla Valley Railroad, a shortline that served Edmeston and New Berlin to Richfield Springs on Canadarago Lake, once a rather fashionable resort. Here, from 1905 until 1940, the DL&W had a passenger and freight connection with the Southern New York Railway, an interurban to Oneonta. Milk and light freight were the chief sources of revenue on this branch. Delaware Otsego subsidiary Central New York Railroad acquired this branch from Richfield Jct. to Richfield Springs, 22 miles, in 1973. Enginehouse was at Richfield Springs. Became part of NYS&W northern division after NYS&W bought the DL&W Syracuse & Utica branches from Conrail in 1982. Traffic on line gradually dropped off. Line east from Bridgewater embargoed in 1990. Abandoned and track removed in 1995, westerly 2-3 miles left in place for stone trains. In 2009: This old railroad is now owned by the Utica, Chenango and Susquehanna Valley LLC in Richfield Springs. They also own the 1930 Newark Milk and Cream Company creamery in South Columbia.
Big 4 Bridge: Jeffersonville to Louisville The Big Four Bridge fell into disuse after the Big Four Railroad's parent company, the New York Central Railroad, was merged into the Penn Central in 1968. The Big Four Bridge's former traffic was then routed over Louisville's Fourteenth Street Bridge. By 1969 both approach spans had been removed and sold for scrap. As a result, the Big Four Bridge became the first Louisville bridge to fall out of use, and gained the nickname "Bridge That Goes Nowhere". Find out more about Louisville at Insidelouisville.
Lines West: Railroads in Western US Railroads in Western US. Winslow, Arizona: rail center. BART in San Francisco.
Public Transportation: The Bus and Montreal. Frequently Asked Questions about Montreal Transportation. Montreal busses, metro, train service, train stations, bridges.
We have a great commuter section. We have a section on commuter trains and even more material on commuters.
Find Abandoned RailroadsAll around the U.S. ; New York State railroad abandonments ; abandoned Connecticut railroads ; New York Central Hojack Line ; New York Central West Shore abanfonments
Find Railroads on the Rebound Over the last 50+ years, railroads have changed a lot. Now they are about to change again. Hey! Back to the Future. But they aren't your grandfather's railroad anymore.
Tahawus: Railroad to a Mine, Does it have a Future?
Brief history of a railroad to a mine in the middle of New York State's Adirondack Park. Part of the railroad (Saratoga Springs to North Creek) is a tourist line with dinner trains and ski trains.
Will the last section to the mine come back to life?
See KC Jones BLOG about Railroad History
Our favorite Short Lines
Interesting Railway Stations
Chronology of New Haven Railroad's Maybrook Yard
Have you heard about WAZZ UB
Some Other Railroad Resources For You Our many, many railroad related WebSites (history, biographies, stations, equipment, current events).
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A portal to the World. The Global Highway leads everywhere! Follow it to wherever you might want to go. We have something for everyone!
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Organic Foods Ominous Ecology

Greenland's ice caps are melting! Find out more about Global Warming at our Ominous Ecology WebSite.

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Nice, France There's always something doing in Nice! The towns East of Nice, including Monte-Carlo Menton The undiscovered secret of the French Riviera Towns West of Nice, including Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Antibes/Juan-les-pins
Getting to the Riviera: ferry, airline Hotels and Vacation Homes on the French Riviera Golf on the French Riviera and great golf equipment Cruises .

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