Temporary housing systems. On site containers/buildings become residential accommodation, offices and much more. Ideally suited for installation of solar panels. Excellent for disaster related events and other temporary requirements. We are a full service provider.
JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

We offer a superb Temporary Housing product



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On site containers/buildings become residential accommodation, offices and much more:

JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

Shipment of unassembled shelters

Shelter Survey JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

Services we provide are:

Transportation to your site.

Site preparation for your portable shelter.

Assembly of your portable shelter.

Subsequent enhancements or moving of your portable shelter.

JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

The Market: Shelters for:

  • Disaster-related (Weather, etc)
  • Homeless Persons
  • Single Mothers
  • Ex-Offenders
  • Work Forces (a la Job Corps)
  • Outdoor entertainment events

Dormitory Styles

  • Single or double floor
  • Ensuite or shared bathrooms
  • See dormitory examples
  • Can be "clustered" ("horseshoe" arrangement for example). Ideally suited for installation of solar panels.

Dormitory Style #1 Dormitory Style #2

Some Other Uses For Our Shelters:

  • Office complexes
  • Dormitory complexes with internal washing, kitchen and dining room areas
  • Hospitals, medical centres and clinics
  • Warehouses, stores and workshops
  • Factories and industrial buildings
  • Garages
  • Gymnasiums

JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

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JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

Our units provide comfortable residential or office accomodations:

Additional comfort with product enhancements!

The units can be fitted with lavatory and/or washing facilities.

Comfort with thermal insulation!

Efficient thermal insulation is ensured (through our unique construction techniques) and complemented by internal wood-laminated paneling and PVC windows.

Comfort with safety!

The units are assembled to meet local electrical specifications with wiring concealed using internal paneling.

Comfort with total modularity!

Unit size or function can be increased or changed, according to your future needs, by simply adding units.

Utility with total modularity!

Number and placement of doors and windows an be varied by simply replacing individual panels.

Comfort with accessories!:

Additional accessories, such as furniture, air conditioning unit or electric heaters are supplied on request.

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So what are we selling?:

No, our products are not quonset huts or house trailers. Our systems are an asset to any community. We are ECONOMIAL. Just try and build anything as functional and attractive that can house, for example, 192 residents. You can't touch our price with a ten-foot pole. We are GREEN. We are concerned about the planet we live on. Just check out our OMINOUS WEATHER WebSite.

Our goal is to build shelters for the “houseless” people of the world. But we don’t build just any kind of shelter. We build shelter units that are better than mere temporary housing. Depending on the configuration options, these portable emergency shelter units aren’t just temporary buildings, they’re semi-permanent housing.

Transitional housing programs assist people who are ready to move beyond emergency shelter into a more independent living situation. Transitional programs allow individuals and families to further develop the stability, confidence, and coping skills needed to sustain permanent housing. Some transitional program participants live in apartment-style quarters, while others may be in group settings where several families or individuals share a household.
Some of the tags on our product are: portable transitional housing, portable shelter, portable housing, portable house, portable apartment, transitional housing, temporary housing, temporary housing systems, modular housing, temporary portable housing systems, portable housing systems, rapid response temporary housing, affordable housing.

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JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

Zoning Regulations for Our Shelters

No firm policy, check your town hall first

  • Windsor CA 2008: A single portable structure per lot is exempt from building codes. Greenhouses, gazebos, etc. Similar for pool houses and guest houses. These can have lights and toilet but not kitchen. Cannot be uses for residential or commercial.
  • Harlingen Texas 2007: A temporary building may not be used as the main building for residential purposes.
  • Prospect, CT: ANYTHING must be approved by zoning board
  • St Joseph, Minnesota zoning for manufactured home parks


Originally developed by State of Florida and adopted by FEMA as the National Standard

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Ominous Weather

Ominous Weather in the Mediterranean Sea

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Ominous Weather is about more than weather. Its about our environment. Its about our social issues that need to be surfaced if we want to save our environment. See Champions of our Environment like Al Gore SAS le Prince Albert II de Monaco John R. Stilgoe Ralph Nader. We have other environmental sites on garbage trucks and Rapid response temporary shelters / portable housing. We have addressed several railroad-related projects that will conserve fuel and lessen pollution. Our Window on Europe spotlights projects that can help the rest of the World.


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JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

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