Montréal, Gateway to the Laurentides

Juste pour rire

Ruby Foo Hotel
Cirque Du Soleil

Montreal Holiday Inn Cote de Liesse

Montreal Holiday Inn Cote de Liesse

Just for Laughs Festival

Montreal Holiday Inn Sherbrook

Montreal Holiday Inn Sherbrooke (Midtown)

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montreal limousine service
Service de limousines à Montréal, Canada
Limousine service in Montreal, Canada
International Jazz Festival Bonaventure Hotel
Gibbys > Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Montreal Film Festival

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Have you heard about WAZZ UB


The World Wide Web is the future and it is our VISION to create a PERFECT INTERNET for all.

Nowadays, you have to click and scroll and waste a lot of time to find what you are really looking for. The big search engines, communities and email services collect your data to serve you with tons of unwanted advertising and to sell your data. Your mailbox is full of spam and spyware/malware is always around the corner.

In our VISION, we create a HOME for a GLOBAL FAMILY of users, where your DATA is SAFE and where you find all the USEFUL SERVICES that you need at your fingertips.

Imagine a company that is not only LISTENING to but DRIVEN BY its MEMBERS. A company that is SHARING SUCCESS and CREATING JOBS all around the world...

Welcome to the PERFECT INTERNET!

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Supply Chain Control Tower

Supply Chain Management Control Towers

Control towers are used in many industries for different purposes: airports and railroads use them for traffic control; power plants have control rooms to monitor operations; and third party logistics providers use them to track transportation activities. These are places where operations run well. Why not a


in order to monitor and assure your supply? Talk to us, we build them!

So just what is an SCM Control Tower? What are the functions of a Supply Chain Control Tower? Who staffs your Supply Chain Management Control Tower?

If you use an EDI VAN for your business, this message is for you. Move past the ancient VAN technology. JWH EDI Services Electronic Commerce Messaging System will bring your EDI operation into the 21st Century. The power of our global EDI network is available on your server, your cloud platform or your application. AND you cannot beat our prices.
You can connect and communicate with all your customers and trading partners through the JWH EDI Services Electronic Commerce Messaging System - Connect with trading partners around the world on a single Network-as-a-Service platform, get real-time transaction visibility and eliminate those manual network processes. It is a pay as you need model. We track all interchanges from the moment they enter the system, along every step across the network, and through the delivery confirmation.

How can we help you? Contact us: Ken Kinlock at
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Garbage Truck
We can find any garbage truck you might want; NEW or USED
Let us search our numerous sources for you. Contact us, give us your location, specifications of the truck you want, and the price you want to pay. "We Talk Trash"!
JWH Industrial can get ANYTHING in GARBAGE TRUCKS. Talk to us about garbage trucks,
We have: Roll-off Trucks; Front Loaders; Rear Loaders; Grapple Loaders; Side Loaders.
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Centre étudiant Benoît-Lacroix
Montreal International
affiliate_link Nice, France
Festival de feu et de glace

Festival de feu et de glace

King Preferred

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Required Attire for a Remote Workforce

Ever wonder how your telecommuting colleagues really live? Turns out, many of them actually do work in their pajamas. They also tend to love their work-life balance – to the point where they’d take a pay cut to maintain the status quo. This is a “must read” for both remote workers and for their office-bound managers.
JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

JWH Rapid Response Temporary Housing

How are your disaster recovery plans for a hurricane?

Talk to us!
We can design a plan to provide you temporary housing, office, manufacturing or warehouse space.
We design your solution, then we store it for you.
If a disaster hits, we move it into your site, assemble it, and maintain it.
On site containers become residential accommodation, offices and much more!
Organic Foods

Food Distributor for organic and natural products. Wholesale distribution throughout North America. We are a broker for organic and natural products. We specialize in locating organic products you sometimes can't get from your local distributors. We set you up with a relationship with a supplier. Our ORGANIC FOOD WebSite is not everything we can get, just a robust sample.

Ominous Ecology

Greenland's ice caps are melting! Find out more about Global Warming at our Ominous Ecology WebSite.

Railroads On The Rebound

Over the last 50+ years, railroads have changed a lot. Now they are about to change again.

It is all about a combination of economic factors and climate factors.

Since 1950 , railroads have consolidated. Freight moved from a "box car mentality" to a "unit train,mentality". Passenger went from a robust business to a "caretaker" arrangement called AMTRAK. This happened as everybody could drive for free on the Interstate Highway System or fly on an airline system where the government subsidized both airlines and airports. In the meantime, railroad express and railroad post offices went "down the tubes". The old Post Office Department and the Railway Express Agency could not adjust to the new way. UPS and Fex Ex could.
Carbon Calculator
What's the most environmentally-friendly way to transport goods? The answer is freight rail. The EPA estimates that every ton-mile of freight that moves by rail instead of by highway reduces greenhouse emissions by two-thirds. But what does that really mean? Our easy-to-use carbon calculator will estimate the amount of carbon dioxide that can be prevented from entering our environment just by using freight rail instead of trucks. We'll even tell you how many seedlings you'd need to plant to have the same effect.
Perry Canestrari
Perry Canestrari, le ténor québécois
Cosmodome.gif (3575 bytes) Hippodrome affiliate_link

Anne-Marie,a Poetry Page

BotanicalGarden.gif (3124 bytes) Insectarium
Centre des Arts Visuels / Visual Arts Center
Stewart Museum

J&N Metal Co
Our affiliated manufacturer located in Shenzhen City, China, is specializing in all kinds of precision mold, die casting mold and section injection mold. They also provide multi-style die casting part and automobile parts etc. They have adopted international advanced CAD/CAM system and various special mould-designing software. They can provide you one-stop service working off your diagram. They have obtained ISO9001 authentication. Their ERP system ensures quality and delivery time. We are sure that you will have great benefits from this business opportunity. Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
MontrealSymphony.gif (7777 bytes) Pavarotti Lowest Car Rental Deals
Musée de Saint-Eustache et de ses Patriotes MuseumFineArt.gif (2466 bytes)
McCord Museum ContemArtMuseum.gif (1651 bytes)
Our HAND TOOL WebSite is intended in aiding you to locate HAND TOOL suppliers. You may search by product or by manufacturer. We add both products and manufacturers, so keep checking back. In addition we are a full service MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operational Supplies) supplier. If you are in the construction or farming business, we are your source.
Graeme McDowell wins US Open Golf in Nice and the French Riviera
Golf in Laurentides / Laurentians Region of Quebec
Golf in the Montréal area
Golf in Northwest France
The U.S. Open
Golf Courses on Google Earth
WOW, you have come to the right place to buy golf equipment!!!
AND, we have the best prices too!

We are working on our list of Golf Hotels and Resorts

Some of these are well known because of PGA Tour events held there. Pinehurst; The Greenbrier; and Pebble Beach certainly belong in this catagory. Others are located in towns with even more than golf as an attraction. In this Category is The Otesaga in Cooperstown, New York; Basin Harbor Club on Lake Champlain.
GlobalHighway The Global Highway:
Interchange to Everywhere
A portal to the World. The Global Highway leads everywhere! Follow it to wherever you might want to go. We have something for everyone!
Travel and other greatlinks!
Corsica Ferry

Traveling in Europe?
You will probably need to make a FERRY RESERVATION.

Also available in French
Stop by and see our Reservations Center.
Corsica Ferry
Opera De Montreal Orchestre Philharmonique Greater Montreal
VISIT OUR TICKET BOOTH We can find you tickets for all the great music, sports and cultural events. We have the best prices and most availability of any ticket seller.

Florida and Orlando Travel Reservations Center Make your Reservations! Visit our

Travel Reservations & Information Center

Travel Reservations Center
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Acteur Scene


Théâtre du Nouveau Monde

Théâtre du Nouveau Monde 84, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal (Québec) H2X 1Z6

Les Francofolies sur la route Festival Montréal en lumière Festival des arts de Saint-Sauveur

Festival des arts de Saint-Sauveur

1001 Pots de Val-David Festival
1001 Pots de Val-David Festival
Les Dauphins du Saint-Laurent
Les Dauphins du Saint-Laurent
Le web de Croisières AML Saute-Moutons - Montreal's Whitewater Expedition Center Le Bateau-Mouche Centre des sciences de Montréal
Susie Desautels Theatre impérial de Compiègne
Theatre impérial de Compiègne
odyssey books

Odyssey Books

1439 rue Stanley
Montreal, Qc H3A 1P4
(514) 844-4843
Beatnick Music Store La Ronde - Membre de la famille Six Flags P'tit Train du Nord Montreal Highlights Festival
Lake Mirabel Recreation and tourist information about Mirabel, Quebec and the Laurentian Mountains near Montreal.
The area around Mirabel is an up-and-coming region for development. It is on the "Path to the Laurentians".
Thinking of coming into the greater Mirabel area for business or pleasure?
Email us We can help with developmental plans, vacation living and with travel expertise.
Lucien L'AllierStation

Lucien L'Allier station has replaced Windsor Station, which lives on as restored offices.

See the Railroad Bridges of Montreal on Google Earth©

Monte Carlo Grand Prix Monte Carlo Grand Prix is about the most famous race in the World. The Casino is magical and crowded with the most famous and richest people in the world. All of them gather for one of the major events of the year: the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix, which takes place in the streets of the city. The nights are marvelous: charity dinner or gala organized by the Grimaldi family in its Palace, dancing in night-clubs such as The Living Room, gambling in the Casino.

SEE Monte Carlo and Monaco
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