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Your comment is "What does Philadelphia have to do with Connecticut?" Well, I've been doing a lot of traveling from Connecticut to Philadelphia so I decided it belonged in this column. "Metroliner Service" is sparse from New Haven to Philadelphia. Leave New Haven at 6:10 am and leave 30th Street at 5:36 pm. However; the times are shorter (at least between Philadelphia and Penn Station); the seats are more comfortable; club car service is available; and rush hour trains are less crowded. While "Metroliner Service" between New York and Philadelphia (then to Washington) is well-publicized and very popular, the New York-New Haven leg is not well patronized. The morning train is almost empty into New York then completely fills up. In the evening, the train empties out at Penn Station (one night three passengers got off in New Haven).

If you don't opt for "Metroliner Service", regular service is available at least every two hours. Several of these trains run Boston to south of Washington, contain sleeping cars, and may be somewhat slower. Most trains connect with New Haven-Springfield service. Another option is to use Metro-North from New Haven to New York, take a subway from Grand Central to Penn Station, and board AMTRAK there.

AMTRAK between New Haven and New York runs alongside Metro-North to New Rochelle. Stops are made at Bridgeport, Stamford, and either Rye or New Rochelle. There is no competition with Metro-North pricewise - riders must buy at least a Newark ticket. Even though rush hour trains run on the left hand tracks to avoid numerous Metro-North trains, there still seems to be a lot of contention for free tracks. At New Rochelle, AMTRAK diverges and follows the "Hell Gate Route" while Metro-North links up to the old New York Central to enter New York. The AMTRAK line from New Rochelle to New York is a former New Haven Railroad route. It is overhead electric and at least two tracks of the former four are still in service. Unlike Metro-North territory, the overhead electric supports which span the tracks are still unpainted from New Haven days. At some points, it looks like an army of Boy Scouts should be called in to clear the brush away. After crossing the Hell Gate Bridge with its magnificent view of the New York skyline, the route meets up with the Long Island near Sunnyside Yard and enters the East River tunnels.

In Philadelphia, Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) runs numerous electric lines through the city. 30th Street Station is two levels. The underground level is basically AMTRAK (including the new Atlantic City service). The upper level is SEPTA which then runs to two "downtown" stations: Penn Center Suburban Station at 16th Street and JFK Boulevard (in the heart of Philadelphia's business district, near City Hall); and Market East Station at 10th-12th Streets and Market Street (in the Gallery Shopping Mall and an easy walk to the historic area).

The nation's fourth-largest metropolitan area boasts its third-largest commuter rail network (after New York and Chicago). SEPTA is an amalgam of the suburban services of the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Reading Company. Almost 800 trains running over 400 route miles between 200 stations carry well over 120,000 daily riders. Meanwhile, across the Delaware River in New Jersey, NJDOT operates the remnant of the old Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines and a high-speed line exists into Philadelphia.

Growing business on Philadelphia suburban routes led both the Pennsylvania and the Reading to electrify their suburban services during the first third of the century. The Pennsylvania wired some existing P54 suburban coaches to create what eventually would be a fleet of over 500 MP54 MU cars. Reading obtained some MU cars from Bethlehem Steel. The system held together after World War II and public subsidy came early enough to maintain the system through the 1960's. SEPTA was formed in 1964 and much equipment modernization occurred in the 1970's ("Silverliners"). When CONRAIL was formed in 1976, it took over operation of both Penn Central (Pennsylvania RR) and Reading suburban operations. SEPTA remained only a commuter rail funding operation (as well as local transit operator) until CONRAIL backed out of the commuter operating business in 1982. Recent years have seen some service cutbacks. For instance, the former Reading line to Reading and Pottsville only has service to Pottstown and the line to Bethlehem stops at Lansdale. Reading's line to Newark (with old Jersey Central) now goes only to West Trenton.

The separate identities of the Pennsylvania and Reading districts have disappeared because of the Center City Commuter Connection. This tunnel brings MU trains off the ex-PRR line at Penn Center to the former Reading at a point north of Reading Terminal. The old terminal no longer serves trains, but its fresh food market downstairs is still very active and its headhouse is being renovated as office space.

Before 1952, GG1 electric and K4 Pacific steam pulled their passenger trains above the bustling traffic of Market Street. This was Broad Street Terminal with its 16 stub-end terminal tracks flanked by old-fashioned platforms. At its head, a 10-story brick-and-granite building of Victorian vintage which once was the Pennsylvania Railroad's corporate headquarters.

I have recently made some good use of the SEPTA trains. Service to the International Airport runs every half hour and costs $4.50 from 30th Street. At the airport, trains make three individual stops at terminals B, C/D and E. A shuttle bus connects to the Overseas Terminal.

Another SEPTA route I have taken is the "Paoli Local". Officially known as route R5, it really goes beyond Paoli to Downington. It is the first leg of the Philadelphia-Harrisburg service. Paoli is a transfer point between SEPTA and AMTRAK. My trip to Strafford takes under one half hour and costs $2.75.

AMTRAK has been using some converted "Metroliner" cab cars to form "push-pull" sets with E60 electrics in Philadelphia-Harrisburg "Keystone Service". This popular route was electrified in 1938 and is 104 miles long. Approximately twelve trains run each way daily. Service used to originate at Suburban Station, but was cut back to 30th Street recently. The original "Metroliner" cars were built in 1967 to be America's first high speed cars. They originally ran at 125 m.p.h. although they were designed for 160 m.p.h. In Harrisburg service they were renamed "Capitol Liners" and didn't have to run as fast. Even so, they have high maintenance costs and a high failure rate. This caused removal of their traction motors and downgrade to coach service.

City streetcar routes are handled by a variety of equipment. Kawasaki-built light rail vehicles have been quite successful. The cars, introduced in 1980, have been well received by the public and operators. Although Philadelphia experimented with Boeing Vertols in the 1970's, most of the old cars were from the 1930's. PCC cars were supplemented by purchases from Kansas City and Birmingham. SEPTA has over 300 trolleys on 200 route miles of track. Some of this is out of service - for how long or if forever is uncertain. It also has downtown subways and an interurban.

By Ken Kinlock at

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Prince Charles train In early 2007, Prince Charles and the Dutchess of Cornwall visited Philadelphia. At the conclusion of their visit, they rode to New York City on a private electric train. These are the cars they rode in.

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Philadelphia has lots of great attractions.

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Philadelphia Birth Place Of Liberty
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Philadelphia Birth Place Of Liberty
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Mummers Parade

The MUMMERS PARADE in Philadelphia is an event you don't want to miss. SEPTA will bring you to Suburban Station....right in the heart of the action.

Mummers Parade

Don't miss the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia!

Passenger cars at Pennsylvania Railroad Museum

Passenger cars at Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.

Included is Reading Company No. 1, built by Budd Co. 1937. Observation Coach. Built for Reading Crusader train. Purchased 11/1986 from R. Gordon Chaplin.
North Philadelphia Station

North Philadelphia Station

Philadelphia 30th Street Station

Philadelphia 30th Street Station (our old postcard.....see old cars)

Penn Central MP-54 Cars Penn Central MP-54 Cars
Philadelphia Trolley Postcard


Orange, Blue and White 2565 car passes Yellow, White, and Maroon 2168 car at Chester Avenue in West Philadelphia, in March, 1973.

Photo by George Metz
See a 1926 Brill car

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Turntable at Pennsylvania Railroad Museum

Turntable at Pennsylvania Railroad Museum

Turntable is important at the at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum.
Zoo Interlocking in Philadelphia

Zoo Interlocking in Philadelphia

A most-important junction on the old Pennsylvania Railroad
Click to enlarge.
Reading car still exists at Danbury Rail Museum

Reading car still exists at Danbury Rail Museum

Photo courtesy of Wayne Koch
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Prince Charles train

In January, 2007, a ROYAL TRAIN ran from Philadelphia to New York.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall were guests of the Levin family. Amtrak's role was limited to that of a support services contractor, providing locomotives, crew and track to Junita Terminal Company for their chartered special train. Amtrak made an incremental profit on operating the chartered special train for Juniata Terminal Company, as they do on all special train and private car moves.

Both the Prince and the Duchess enjoyed the trip, and the railroad experience. He was knowledgable and interested in the cars, and the rail operations from PHL to NYP.

The second locomotive was for protect power and if you get to see photographs of the train you will see that both units were freshly washed!

Amtrak's employees showed extraordinary attention to the move and deserve a "well done". Even HRH commented upon the excellent condition and appearance of the roadbed as compared to the squalor along the Right of Way.

Everyone came out a winner......We showed proper respect and hospitality; it was not a government sponsored "dog and pony" show. The passengers got to NYP in safety and comfort. The eco-systems were not imposed upon, and the public was not inconvienced.

As someone once said, "There is something about a TRAIN that's Magic"

Sunday's trip proved the axiom.

PENNSYLVANIA 120 (rearmost properly pointed)
Statement by Bennet Levin:
TRH the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were the guests of my family (Eric, Nicole, Vivian and yours truly) aboard our cars. Amtrak got paid the going rate to operate the Special Train. The train was chosen for several reasons:

1. HRH Prince Andrew was our guest in 2002 over the same route and really enjoyed himself. So rail travel in the US became a household word in the Palace.

2. The NEC and electric traction provided the smallest "carbon footprint" and from the standpoint of the ecology made by far the most sense especially since most of the power feeding the grid comes from the hydro plants on the Susquehanna or from the nukes.

3. The train provided the most secure mode of transportaion and avoided the automobile tunnels into Manhatten.

4. The train was the least intrusive on the activites of the general public without resorting to large motorcades on the Nj TKP, as well as provide a location in mid-town where the party could detrain.

5. The train was the most time sensitive even though we tried to keep the speed to 90MPH to allow time for an onboard conference with experts in the area of urban regeneration. No other means of transportation could have made the same portal to portal time.

6. The train was the most comfortable mode of transportation available providing room for baggage, the members of the Royal Household traveling with TRH, the Ambassador and his wife from the embassey in DC, the six invited guests and my family. It also provided a mode of transportation to bring the invited guests back to Philadelphia.

7. The train allowed civilized food to be served enroute to NYP including a meal on the return for the guests.

Amtrak did not charter our cars. They just provided transportation services for which they were paid.

This was an attempt to show the proper hospitality to our English cousins; Who I would add are the only allies we can count on!
Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Car 75

Philadelphia Suburban Transportation Car 75

Center entrance cars are on the Media Line at Drexelbrook in 1970. The cars were built by Brill in 1926. Philadelphia Suburban Transportation became part of SEPTA
Bullet Car Meets Successor

Bullet Car Meets Successor

In 1993, at SEPTA (former P&W Norristown High Speed Line), after battling the Blizzard of '93. Venerable Bullet car 206 and successorN-5 class prototype 451
Philadelphia Subway

Philadelphia has great subways too. This is at 8th Street.

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Market-Frankford Line

The Market–Frankford Line (MFL) (also called the Market–Frankford Subway–Elevated Line (MFSE), El or Blue Line) is a rapid transit line in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Find out more about transit and commuter rail systems in North America .

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Philadelphia Transit Map
Great map of Philadelphia Rails! Just click on it to enlarge.
Click on map to see interactive version from SEPTA
Reading Viaduct Project
Corsica Ferry

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Corsica Ferry
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Fallen Flags Photos


List of Pennsylvania Railroads
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
The Pennsylvania Railroad
Philadelphia's Railroad Story
Philadelphia Transit Links
Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers
New Jersey Association of Railroad Passengers
Jon Bell's (Mostly) Rail Transit Pages
The Philadelphia Transportation Page
Philadelphia Trolley Tracks
South Jersey Railroads
Northeast Pennsylvania Freight Railroads
Philadelphia Chapter NRHS
Our favorite Short Lines
Interesting Railway Stations
Strasburg Railroad
Skiing Skiing

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: Citizen Voices on Philadelphia's Future is a yearlong project of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER Editorial Board and the University of Pennsylvania.
For reports on citizen forums held so far, see

SEPTA Service: Not an Oxymoron?

Create a fare card that riders can load up with a dollare value, then swipe for easy access. Better yet, make it a regional fare card - a la E-Z Pass - good on PATCO and Amtrak as well as SEPTA.

Put route maps and schedules on bus shelters.

Work with Mapquest, Yahoo! Maps, etc. so that whenever users type in a city address, they get directions how to reach it via SEPTA.

Require SEPTA board members to ride the system at least once a month and report on their experiences.

Put prominent, well-marked newspaper recycling bins at all train and subway platforms.

Run more "night owl" service for young people going out on the town.

Put SEPTA fare machines in high-traffic areas, e.g. Wawa.
Philadelphia Trolley meets New Hope & Ivyland

RED ARROW 26 meets New Hope & Ivyland (Rare Postcard)

Newly restored Red Arrow 26 meets ex-CN 1533 at the Buckingham Valley Station of the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad. Car 26 was built as PRT # 4024 by Brill of Philadelphia in 1917 for the Hog Island Line. It was bought in 1942 as car 22. When the Red Arrow bought newer cars, it became #26 in 1949.
New Hope & Ivyland Railroad

Other Rail Attractions Around Philadelphia

Visit the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad

New Hope & Ivyland Pictures
Ominous Ecology Greenland's ice caps are melting! Find out more about Global Warming at our Ominous Ecology WebSite. Organic Foods Food Distributor for organic and natural products. Wholesale distribution throughout North America. We are a broker for organic and natural products. Our ORGANIC FOOD WebSite is not everything we can get, just a robust sample. Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Belt Line Railroad was incorporated March 10, 1889 for the purpose of constructing and operating a railroad to extend along the water front in Philadelphia, Pa., with an extension to Tacony, Pa.

Originally planned for a distance of about 18 miles, 16.3 miles were still in use as of 2002. Initially the Philadelphia Belt Line Railroad had connections for interchange of traffic with the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road , the Pennsylvania Railroad , and the Philadelphia and Reading.

The rights were granted in perpetuity, and passed on to the subsequent incarnations of those railroads (Penn Central, Conrail, Chessie, CSX, Norfolk Southern and Conrail Shared Assets Operations). Canadian Pacific Railway gained trackage rights through its acquisition of the Delaware and Hudson Railway.

Although the PBL was never an operating railroad, it formerly did have track and maintenance material and employees. The PBL is maintained to insure the non-discriminatory access to the Port of Philadelphia to any railroad. It owns no equipment with which to operate a railroad. Operations over PBL lines are conducted by the employees of the leasee railroads.

Head End

Railway Express and Railway Post Office
Reefer on the New Haven On passenger trains, railroads operated lots of equipment other than sleepers, coaches, dining cars, etc. This equipment was generally called 'head-end' equipment, these 'freight' cars were at one time plentiful and highly profitable for the railroads. In the heyday of passenger service, these industries were a big part of the railroad's operations, and got serious attention.
We have text and pictures not found elsewhere on the Web.
Philadelphia's Original Railroads

See a 1948 map showing alignment of original railroads in Philadelphia from Rails & Trails.

Pennsylvania Railroad WebRing by thelynxpa
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Penn Eastern Rail Lines, Inc. (Penn Eastern), a Class III rail carrier, has filed a verified notice of exemption under 49 CFR 1150.41 to operate as a rail common carrier, approximately 1.15 miles of track and right-of-way on easements in the Expressway 95 Industrial Park (the Park) in Bensalem, Bucks County, PA. The track known as the Bensalem Branch is located along the east side of Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor (NEC) at ATK milepost 70.2, between Philadelphia, PA, and Trenton, NJ.

Penn Eastern certifies that its projected annual revenues as a result of this transaction will not result in the creation of a Class I or Class II rail carrier, and that its annual revenues will not exceed $5 million. The transaction was expected to be consummated on August 26, 2005, the effective date of the exemption (7 days after the exemption was filed).

Penn Eastern notes that Consolidated Rail Corporation (Conrail) formerly operated this track as exempt industrial trackage under 49 U.S.C. 10906 until the last customer ceased rail operations in 2002. Penn Eastern states that the track connects with portions of the NEC over which Conrail currently has operating rights. Penn Eastern also states that the line will initially serve three customers within the Park, but that it eventually expects to attract additional customers.

Regional Rail L.L.C. has acquired its first rail property. On Aug. 27, 2007,the new holding company headed by former OmniTRAX Inc. Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Robert Parker acquired East Penn Railroad L.L.C. from John C. Nolan. Terms weren’t disclosed.

East Penn Railroad comprises lines formerly operated as East Penn Railways and Penn Eastern Rail Lines. The short line serves shippers in the Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del., areas, and interchanges with CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern Corp.

“The diversity and quality of the customer base, and the potential for these and additional customers were the main drivers behind our interest,” said Regional Rail Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Al Sauer — who previously served OmniTRAX as EVP of marketing and strategic planning — in a prepared statement.

Regional Rail, which along with East Penn Railroad will be headquartered in Kennett Square, Pa., doesn’t expect to own a single short line for long.
Snow Belt in New York State Boonville Station There is a "Snow Belt" in New York State that runs above Syracuse and Utica. It goes East from Oswego to at least Boonville. Here's the station at Boonville.

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Ominous Weather is about more than weather. Its about our environment. Its about our social issues that need to be surfaced if we want to save our environment. See Champions of our Environment like Al Gore SAS le Prince Albert II de Monaco John R. Stilgoe Ralph Nader. We have addressed several railroad-related projects that will conserve fuel and lessen pollution. Our Window on Europe spotlights projects that can help the rest of the World.
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