Montréal-Mirabel Aéroport

Mirabel Airport Location
In May 2002, Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) announced that all passenger traffic would be centralized at Montréal-Trudeau by the end of 2004, and that Montréal-Mirabel would be developed as an industrial and all-cargo airport.

Covering some 16,220 acres (6,565 hectares), Montréal-Mirabel is located some 35 miles (55 km) northwest of downtown Montréal.

In addition to the Air Terminal Complex (which is vacant as passenger operations transferred to Montréal-Trudeau), Montréal- Mirabel’s facilities include an 18-hectare freight area located approximately one kilometer from the terminal. This area can receive up to seven aircraft at the same time. Five (5) ADM owned buildings serve as freight-handling facilities. The buildings are leased by ADM to freight-handling businesses, integrators, logistics and warehousing service, etc.

The airport’s two runways are 12,000 ft. long by 200 ft. wide and can accommodate some 40 aircraft movements per hour. A deicing center is located between the two runways and consists of a building in which deicing glycol is stored and where the deicing command and recycling systems are housed.

As per the air traffic assignment rules, all-cargo flights with a take-off weight greater than 75,000 lbs. must land at Montréal-Mirabel. Unlike Montréal-Trudeau and many larger airports in North-Eastern North America, Montréal-Mirabel is not subject to restrictions regarding operating hours, which means that cargo activities can continue around the clock. Free of air traffic congestion, Montréal-Mirabel offers freight handlers optimum conditions for efficient operations. In 2003, Mirabel airport processed some 105,000 tonnes of cargo, up 4.7% from 2002.

ADM is actively pursuing the development of the Montréal-Mirabel Industrial Zone (the “Industrial Zone”). The Industrial Zone offers over 2,000 acres of land to be developed. The primary industrial targets are the aerospace, high-tech manufacturing and logistics services industries. The effective promotion and development activities of the Industrial Zone started in mid-2000, with the creation of the Montréal Foreign Trade Zone at Mirabel. To date, nearly $300 million has been invested by several corporations, such as Bombardier Aerospace’s assembly plant for Regional jets, Turbomeca Canada (Snecma Group), GE Elano Canada, Mirabel-Mecachrome Inc., and Technicolor. Approximately 8 million square feet of land have been leased so far. Moreover, the Mirabel region, in the vicinity of the airport, is the second area in importance after Montréal in terms of aerospace development. Major companies like Messier-Dowty and Bell Helicopter have major installations in this area.

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Mirabel: the airport where the future is past

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Bombardier will assemble "C Series" plane in Mirabel

Bombardier Inc. picked the Montreal area to assemble a proposed plane that would seat at least 100 passengers after the governments of Canada, Quebec and the U.K. agreed to invest about $700 million in the project.

The province agreed to build a C$350 million ($277 million) plant for the C Series plane, which it will then lease to Bombardier, the world's third-largest airplane maker, Quebec Economic Development Minister Claude Bechard said during a press conference in Quebec City today.

Canada will contribute $262.5 million, Quebec $87.5 million and the U.K. $340 million. Bombardier won't decide before September whether to build the new family of jets as it seeks orders from airlines. The company's board in March approved a plan to market the C Series, which would seat 110 to 130 people. Deliveries of the aircraft would begin in 2010.

From Bloomberg News 5/14/2005
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February 22, 2006
Can the white elephant that is Mirabel airport become a swan? French investors are prepared to stake at least $100 million that it can. At a joint news conference February 21, 2006, at the vacant airport, a French consortium and Aeroports de Montreal announced an agreement in principle that would see Mirabel's bright and spacious terminal converted to an indoor activity centre called AeroDream (Reveport) by 2007.

The "recreational multiplex" would be open seven days a week, year-round, and include a beach, spa, fitness centre, conventional and high-tech theatres, discos, arcades, museum, exhibition hall, TV studio, shops, restaurants and a giant aquarium, complete with acrylic tunnel that people could walk through to see the fish.

Story courtesy of Archiseek, Canada's online architecture resource

Le consortium européen I-Parks-Oger International veut transformer l'Aéroport international de Montréal-Mirabel en un vaste centre de divertissement. La direction d'Aéroports de Montréal (ADM) a conclu un protocole d'entente avec ce consortium.

Le complexe nommé Rêveport comprendrait des installations pour la détente et la relaxation telles que spa, hammam, sauna et balnéothérapie. Une plage intérieure au climat tropical serait accessible toute l'année et des dômes géodésiques projetteraient les visiteurs sur des planètes imaginaires et des mondes insolites.

La plage et l'aquarium géant seraient aménagés dans la totalité de l'aéroport d'une superficie 100 000 mètres carrés. Une galerie commerciale, des jeux d'arcades, une discothèque/karaoké aquatique, des restaurants gastronomiques, des bars, un musée, un hall d'exposition et un studio de télévision compléteraient les installations.

Le complexe récréatif, qui coûtera 100 millions de dollars, devrait disposer également d'une garderie.

L'ancien hôtel Château Mirabel, d'une capacité de 355 chambres, serait rénové pour accueillir les visiteurs. Selon le protocole d'entente, les travaux de rénovation de l'hôtel commenceraient en juin 2006, pour se terminer à l'automne. La deuxième phase des travaux devrait commencer à ce moment avec le début de l'aménagement de l'aérogare. Une ouverture progressive des installations est prévue pour la fin de l'année 2007.

La tour à bureaux et le stationnement de 5813 places de l'aéroport sont aussi inclus dans le projet.

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1 avril 2005

La prestigieuse organisation policière Interpol songerait à installer un centre international de formation en sécurité publique sur le site de l'aéroport de Mirabel au Québec. Selon des informations obtenues par le quotidien montréalais La Presse, ce centre de formation occuperait les installations vacantes de l'aéroport situées au nord de Montréal. Des policiers de partout dans le monde y viendraient pour se familiariser avec les plus récentes technologies de renseignement et d'intervention, notamment en matière de prévention du terrorisme et en sécurité aérienne. Le financement du projet, dont les coûts restent à évaluer, proviendrait des gouvernements du Canada et du Québec. Le secrétaire général d'Interpol, Ronald K. Noble, qui était de passage jeudi à Montréal, affirme que le site de Mirabel possède un potentiel énorme.


April 1, 2005

The prestigious police organization Interpol is thinking of establishing an international center of public safety training on the site of the airport of Mirabel to Quebec. According to information obtained by La Presse, this training center would occupy the vacant installations of the airport located at the north of Montreal. Police officers from everywhere in the world would come there to familiarize themselves with most recent technologies of information and intervention, in particular as regards prevention of terrorism and in air safety. The financing of the project, whose costs remain to be evaluated, would come from the governments of Canada and Quebec. The secretary-general of Interpol, Ronald K Noble, who was in Montreal Thursday affirmed that the site of Mirabel has an enormous potential.
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